Start Your Travel and Ticketing Business with us!

  • Trip Option is a service and system provider for Airline ticketing,hotel booking,eloading business,money remittance,bus ticketing and many others. We offer website creation and development for your travel business.
  • Trip Option, your best travel solution!

Web System Features:
  • Web content management,customize and create your own website even without programming knowledge or experience.
  • Online booking form, directly receive reservations or online inquiry to your email.
  • Contact page wherein your clients could reach you.
  • Free social media links to Facebook,instagram,twitter or google.
  • Create additional pages for your other business services offered.

Boost your business, boost your sales! Bring your business to the world wide web!

Regular Franchise Packages:

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Trip Option Master Franchise for Ticketing and Bayad Bills Center

Start your own Franchising Business for Travel and Bills payment like Bayad Center.
Create your own Franchise package using your own Brand Name.

Be our Master Franchisee now!

Trip Option now offers a co-branded / white label booking portal for any interested company who wants to promote travel services using your own logo or brand name.

Ways To Earn:

A.  Create your own Branch Account Activation

Earn per branch account activation fee.


System fee per branch account = P25,000.00

100 Branch Account x P25,000 activation fee = P2.5Million ROI!

B.  As Master Agent, you also earn for every branch transactions:

Earn P50 up per ticket for domestic flights.

Earn P100 up per ticket for International flights.

Note: Mark-up or service charge could be update and modify on your dashboard.

Sample computation:


You have 200 Agents with 5  domestic tickets sold per day.

200 agents x 5 tickets per day = 1,000 tickets per day

1,000 tickets x P50 = P50,000 daily income

P50,000 x 30 days = P1.5Million per month


You have 200 Agents with 5 domestic tickets sold per day.

200 agents x 5 tickets per day = 1,000 tickets per day

1,000 tickets x P100 = P100,000 daily income

P100,000 x 30 days = P3 Million per month

*Imagine how much you will earn if you reached 1,000 Active Agents!

PLUS!!! You also earn for Hotel, Tour Packages, Eloading and Bills Pay per Transaction.